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From Family readiness to financial health—and much more— Army Community Services (ACS) delivers programs tailored to your needs. We help maintain community readiness and resiliency through a wide range of educational opportunities, special events, individualized counseling services, and other offerings.

We help Soldiers from their first assignments all the way to separation or retirement, as well as Families, veterans, wounded warriors, survivors, and retirees.  ACS supports the entire Army community.

Learn more about what ACS offers at your installation!

ACS values your privacy and security. Learn more about ACS customers' rights and responsibilities.

 * Not all programs are available at all garrisons. 
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USAG Yongsan-Casey Army Community Services

"Real-Life Solutions For Successful Army Living"

Located at USAG Casey, Building 2451, Entrance B
Public Email Address:



Casey-Hovey ACS Contact # DSN Number Commercial Number
Front Desk (315)722-1578/1569
Army Emergency Relief (AER) (315)722-1577/1578
Family Advocacy Program (315)722-1568/1578
Financial Readiness Program (315)722-1577/1578
Army Volunteer Program (315)722-1578/1569
Sexual Harassment / Assault Response And Prevention (SHARP) (315)722-1570/1578
Survivor Outreach Services

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Army Volunteer Program (AVC)

Volunteer Orientation/Training
Every 2nd Wednesday or upon request 
Army Community Service Classroom (Bldg #2451)
•  OPOC Training: 13:30-14:30
•  Volunteer Training: 14:30-15:30

If you are a new OPOC and need help managing your Volunteers, the Army Volunteer Corps OPOC User Guide can be found at:
OR DSN: 722-1578/1569 for assistance.  

Army Family Team Building

For more information call DSN: 722-1578/1569.

Army Family Action Plan

The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is your platform to voice quality-of-life issues, feedback, ideas, and suggestions.

This excellent forum allows you to let Army leadership know what works, what doesn’t, and how you think problems can be resolved. 
Issues can be submitted online at on the ‘AFAP Issues Management System’ tab at the bottom of the ‘home’ page.

The information you submit gives Army leadership insight and helps foster a satisfied, informed, and more resilient Army Community.

For more information call DSN: 722-1578/1569.

Family Advocacy Program

Education for Professionals: Training for mandated reporters (Law Enforcement Personnel; Medical; Chaplain; Child and Youth Services,) and other community agencies on the identification, reporting, and treatment of domestic and child abuse; the referral process; available programs, services, and resources.

Group or Individual sessions for other Basic Life Skills are also available upon unit request or individual appointment.

UNITS: Call today to schedule your Annual Troops FAP Training OR Commander's Desk Side Briefing
Follow us on FACEBOOK @yongsan.casey.acs for upcoming classes, workshops or events.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)


The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) provides comprehensive support to Family members with special needs. An Exceptional Family Member is a Family member with any physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training, or counseling, and meets the eligibility criteria. EFMP pertains to active-duty Soldiers, US Army Reserve Soldiers in the Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program, and Army National Guard AGR personnel serving under authority of 10 USC or 32 USC. Department of the Army Civilians do not enroll in the program.

EFMP takes an all-inclusive approach to coordinating military and civilian community, educational, medical, housing, and personnel services to help Soldiers and their Families with special needs. Enrollment in EFMP includes a wide array of benefits, detailed in the EFMP Benefits Fact Sheet.

EFMP enrollment does not adversely affect promotions, schools, or assignments. EFMP information is not made available to selection boards.

Soldiers with Exceptional Family Members are required to register for EFMP and keep enrollment information current. That way, Family needs will be considered during the OCONUS assignments process. If you’re eligible for EFMP services, Family members must be screened and enrolled when they accompany authorized Soldiers on OCONUS assignments. Screenings include a medical records review for all Family members and developmental screening for all children 72 months and younger. (Special education needs are considered only in assignments outside the United States. Assignments within the US and its territories are not based on the educational needs of children.)

For more information about EFMP and helpful articles about the program, look at the Enterprise EFMP site. After that, contact the installation EFMP manager at your local Army Community Service (ACS) office. To learn more about medical enrollment, see the Program Overview.


EFMP Resources

Here are some helpful resources for EFMP Families.

(Government Links)

  • Systems Navigators. Systems navigators are ACS EFMP staff members available on most Army installations. They assist EFMP Families with navigating through the available systems of care.​​​​
  • EFMP Newsletter. The Exceptional Advocate is the DoD’s EFMP newsletter, which includes helpful information and resources.
  • Military OneSouce. Military OneSource’s EFMP & Me tool allows Families to explore the details of EFMP benefits and processes.
  • DirectSTEP. DirectSTEP® eCourses are available for free to Soldiers and Family Members, Army EFMP staff, and Special Education staff associated with teaching military children. DirectSTEP® eCourses teach staff, parents, and educators how to handle critical education issues to obtain positive outcomes.
  • Respite Care Support. The Army’s Respite Care Support services provide a temporary rest period for Family members responsible for regular care of persons with disabilities. Care may be provided in the EFM respite care user’s home.

(Non-Government Links, No Endorsement Implied)

  • Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR). CPIR serves as a central resource of information and products to the community of Parent Training Information (PTI) Centers and Community Parent Resource Centers, so they can focus their efforts on serving Families of children with disabilities. 
  • American Camp Association (ACA). The ACA is a community of camp professionals who join together to share their knowledge and experience and ensure the quality of camp programs, including those for Exceptional Family Members.


Army Emergency Relief – Helping the Army to Take Care of Soldiers

Army Emergency Relief (AER) provides emergency assistance to Active Duty Service Members, their Families, and Retired Service Members. Please call 0503-322-1577 or DSN: 315-722-1577 regular duty hour 7:30 am - 4:30 pm. After duty hours, on weekends, and holidays call American Red Cross at 877-272-7337.

AER Commanders and Soldiers Training are available upon request by contacting Casey ACS at 0503-322-1577 or DSN: 315-722-1577.

Learn more about AER's MG James Ursano Scholarship Program:

Financial Readiness Program

The Financial Readiness Program offers educational classes, seminars, workshops, group counseling, face to face counseling, and support services to assist Service Members along with their Families, Unit Commanders, First Sergeants, and DOD Civilians with financial planning and debt management.

According to Department of Defense and Army policy, Section 661 Army Community Service will start providing financial readiness as part of Common Military Training (CMT) at various personal and professional milestones throughout the military lifecycle. Below
is a list of the required training. Don't hesitate to contact Barbara Brown at Army Community Service Financial Readiness Program at 0505-322-1577 or DSN 315-322-1577.

  • Initial Entry Training
  • First Duty Station
  • Permanent Change of Station
  • Promotion
  • Vesting in Thrift Savings Plan
  • Continuation Pay
  • Marriage
  • Birth of First Child
  • Divorce
  • Disabling Sickness/Condition and Exceptional Family Member Program
  • Leadership
  • Pre-Deployment
  • Post-Deployment Transition 

Personal Financial Counselor (PFC) is available to conduct financial counseling and financial classes by contacting 010-9691-6099.
For more information on events, classes, or unit requests, call the Financial Readiness Program Manager at 722-1577/1578.

Relocation Readiness Program

If you are newly arriving and need essentials like pots and pans, coffee maker and other kitchen items until your HHGs arrive, stop by and borrow from our lending closet for up to 30 days. (Extensions granted for extenuating circumstances.)

Newcomers Orientation & Culture Bus Tour
Every 2nd  Wednesday from 9 – 11 am at the Warriors Club, followed by a Cultural Bus Tour from 1 - 4 pm 

The Employment Readiness Program (ERP) offers resources to help with your career plan and job search. Whether you’re a military spouse or Family member who just moved to a new installation, retiree, DoD Civilian looking for new opportunities, or active duty military, Active Reserve, National Guard member, or Wounded Warrior, we’re here to help.


Our services include:

  • Up-to-date information on local, national, and international employment opportunities, job market trends and education, and volunteer resources
  • Information on job fairs (in person and virtual) and other hiring events
  • Assistance with employment applications
  • Career counseling and individual career assessments
  • Résumé critiques
  • Classes and seminars on self-assessment and career exploration, resume writing, interviewing techniques, dressing for success, networking, and entrepreneurship
  • Information on spouse licensure reimbursement (re-licensing at a new duty station can be costly)

*Not all programs and classes are available at all ACS facilities.

Are you ready? Contact your Employment Readiness Program manager (ERPM) for more information.


Additional Resources:

(Government Links)


(Non-Government, No Endorsement Implied)

Employment Services include: Job Search Assistance, Job Referrals, Resume writing & Federal Employment Information. For more information, contact our Employment Readiness Program at 722-1033/1578.

Useful Employment Assistance and Websites

MFLC (Military Family Life Counselors)

MFLC’s provide short term problem-solving, non-medical, situational, counseling services to Service Members and their families. Licensed counselors are available to meet individuals, couples, families or groups. 

They are able to meet anywhere on base except the Barracks or your home. 
All services are confidential and no records are maintained.  

Call from cell: 010-8251-9577 or 010-5615-4067 to reach 210th FA Brigade embedded MFLC
DSN: 722-1578 (from cell: 0503-3322-1578) to speak with someone

Sexual (Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program)

Sharp Logo.jpg

The Army’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program is the Army’s integrated, proactive effort to end sexual harassment and sexual assault within our ranks. Sexual harassment and sexual assault have no place in the Army. If you have been the victim of sexual harassment or sexual assault, you have a voice, you have rights, and we’re here to help. 


The Army’s SHARP Program also:

  • Permeates the Army structure from the Pentagon down to the individual Soldier level.
  • Has full-time staff at the brigade level and higher.
  • Promotes cultural change across the Army, with a vision toward a culture of discipline and respect in which Soldiers intervene in sexual harassment and sexual assault to protect one another.
  • Includes a comprehensive effort to educate leaders and Soldiers about sexual harassment and sexual assault.
  • Employs a concrete training program that teaches Soldiers to be alert to serial offender tactics, to intervene to stop incidents and disrupt offenders, and where and how to seek help.
  • Provides commanders with the essential resources, education, and training they need to succeed in bringing an end to sexual harassment and sexual assault in the Army.

We have certified Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) and Victim Advocates (VAs) available 24/7 to help with reporting, and support prevention, training, and awareness efforts. 


If you need help now:

Call the Safe Helpline +1(877) 995-5247

Text: 55-247 (inside the U.S.)

Text: +1(202)470-5546 (outside the U.S.)

For more information about SHARP, visit


More Helpful Resources:

 *No official U.S. Army or Department of Defense endorsement implied by use of external links.


USAG Yongsan-Casey Sharp Team

  • USAG Yongsan-Casey and K-16 SARC:Bryan K. Crosby @ DSN 722-1570 or Cell 050-3322-1570
  • 210 FIRES BDE SARC: SFC Anthony Boyd Jr. @ DSN 722-1695 or 24hr. Cell 010-8394-6889
  • USFK 24/7 SHARP Hotline can be  reached by dialing: DSN 158 or from a cell  phone: 0503-363-5700
Survivor Outreach Services

Our Fallen Soldiers have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Their Families deserve our respect, our gratitude, and the very best we can provide. If you’re a surviving Family member, Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) offers you access to support, information, and services closest to where you live, when you need it and for as long as you need it.

Survivor Outreach Services is part of the Army Casualty Continuum of Care. It’s designed to provide long-term support to surviving Families of Fallen Soldiers. Our goal is to reassure Survivors that they remain valued members of the Army Family.

Survivor Outreach Services helps in many ways:

Financial Counselors. In times of emotional distress, figuring out what to do about finances can create a heavy burden. Survivor Outreach Services Financial Counselors provide professional financial information and services in areas such as investing, estate planning, tax issues, and basic budgeting. Our Financial Counselors are committed to helping you create financial security. They also help ensure you get the information you need to make sound financial decisions.

The Gold Star and Surviving Family Member Representative is the Army advocate for surviving Family members. The Public Law 113-66, Section 633, requires each secretary of a military department to designate a member to assist spouses and other dependents of service members, including the Reserve Component, who die on active duty. These representatives are available to provide support and address complaints by spouses and other dependents of deceased service members regarding casualty assistance or receipt of benefits authorized by law. Any Survivor can contact the Army GSSFM Representative directly any time for any reason.

Contact your GSSFM representative if you are seeking additional support or information: 
(1) Addressing complaints by spouses and other dependents of deceased members regarding casualty/survivor assistance or receipt of benefits authorized by law for such spouses and dependents. 

(2) Providing support to such spouses and dependents regarding such casualty assistance or receipt of such benefits. 

(3) Making reports to appropriate officers or officials in the Department of Defense or the military department concerned regarding resolution of such complaints, including recommendations regarding the settlement of claims with respect to such benefits, as appropriate. 

(4) Performing such other actions as the secretary of the military department concerned considers appropriate.

Contact the GSSFM representative: 

Call: 315-722-5465 or by cell-0503-322-5465